Formula IV Plus

Delivers optimum cellular nutrition and enhances your cells ability to produce energy. Iron- free.
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  • Much more than just a multi-vitamin, Formula IV plus is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, selected enzymes and an exclusive blend of grain oil concentrates (Tre-En-En) comprising lipids and sterols commonly processed out of modern foodstuffs to extend their shelf life. Compared to Formula IV, Formula IV Plus contains an additional 50% Tre-En-En Grain Concentrates from wheat, soya and rice extracts. This greatly contributes to the efficient functioning of each and every cell membrane, making them optimally receptive to the nutrients they require. The formulation also includes important trace minerals, Selenium, Molybdenum and Chromium, but is iron free for those individuals who do not require additional iron in their diet.
  • Dosage: 1 sachet daily that contains 1 X Tre-En-En and 1 X Multi 


  • Scientists continue to confirm, that there's more to nutrition than just the classic vitamins and minerals. As important as these nutrients are to optimal health, we are also learning that phytonutrients, enzymes, trace minerals and others play equally important roles. Dietary fats known as lipids and sterols influence nutrition at the cellular level. Imbalances among these may interfere with efficient functioning of the cells and contribute to undue fatigue. Although good nutrition in general is a universal human need, not everyone needs the exact same mix of nutrients. Iron, for example, is an essential mineral, that many people adequately obtain from their normal diet.

The NeoLife Difference

  • Exclusive Tre-En-En Grain Concentrates 675mg of wheat, rice and soya extracts are the basis for this whole food supplement.
  • More than a multi-vitamin: a unique multi-factor supplement with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, lipids and sterols all working together to bridge dietary gaps.
  • Replaces important trace minerals, stripped away during food processing.
  • Naturally occurring, colour and preservative free.
  • Convenient individual sachets, you can easily take with you anywhere.
  • Broad spectrum of nutrients for optimal well-being and vitality in an iron-free formula.

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