NeoLife Customer Price List (ZA)

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Group: Nutrition
Product Price
Acidophilus Plus R608
All Natural Fibre - 510g R767
Aloe Vera Plus R241
Ami-Tone R687
Beta Guard R499
Botanical Balance R808
Cal-Mag (Chelated) R219
Carotenoid Complex - 30 capsules R257
Carotenoid Complex - 90 capsules R688
Chelated Zinc R259
Chewable All-C R288
Cruciferous Plus R307
Daily Vitality Pack R1 074
Feminine Herbal Complex R498
Fibre Tablets R243
Flavonoid Complex R387
Formula IV - 60 capsules R352
Formula IV - 120 capsules R646
Formula IV Plus - 30 sachets R324
Formula IV Plus - 60 sachets R595
Full Motion R554
Garlic Allium Complex R288
Lipotropic Adjunct R263
Liqui-Vite R375
Magnesium Complex R232
Mind Enhancement Complex R529
Multi R220
Multi-Mineral + Alfalfa R210
NeoLife Bar - Fruit and Nuts R831
NeoLifeShake - Creamy Vanilla R759
NeoLifeShake - Berries n' Cream R759
NeoLifeShake - Rich Chocolate R759
NeoLifeTea R377
Nutrishake - Vanilla R654
Nutrishake - Strawberry R654
Nutrishake - Chocolate R654
Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus - 60 mini capsules R258
Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus - 90 capsules R534
PhytoDefence R1 314
Pro Vitality R761
Sports Performance Protein R793
Stage 6 R193
Tre-en-en - 60 capsules R262
Tre-en-en - 120 capsules R474
Vita Guard R483
Vita Squares R329
Vitamin A & D R172
Vitamin B Complex - Sustained Release R492
Vitamin C ( Sustained Release) R332
Vitamin E R271
Wheatgerm Oil R287
Group: Home Care
Product Price
Care - 1 litre R180
Care - 5 litre R724
Carpet Glo - 1 litre R205
Carpet Glo - 5 litre R836
Fantastik - 1 litre R230
Fantastik - 5 litre R937
G1 Laundry R321
LC-30 - 5 litre R683
LC-30 - 25 litre R2 663
LDC - 1 litre R223
LDC - 1 litre with mixing bottle R229
LDC - 5 litre R908
LDC - 25 litre R4 144
Lemon Glo R180
Oxygen Bleach R258
Soft R178
Super 10 - 1 litre R200
Super 10 - 1 litre with spray bottle R237
Super 10 - 5 litre R766
Super 10 - 25 litre R3 600
Super Gro - 250 ml R93
Super Gro - 5 litre R967
Wash 'n Wax R139
Group: Beauty
Product Price
Aloe Vera Gel R236
Body Luv R215
Enriching Conditioner R157
Mild Revitalising Shampoo R174
Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion R181
Personal Care Concentrate R140
Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel R196
Rich Revitalising Shampoo R174
Group: Skin Care
Product Price
Nutriance Balancing Tonic R485
Nutriance Cleansing Gel R610
Nutriance Cleansing Milk R610
Nutriance Gentle Makeup Remover R323
Nutriance Hydrating Serum R1 040
Nutriance Insta-Lift Eye Gel R440
Nutriance Moisturizing Cream R760
Nutriance Rejuvenating Rich Cream R750
Nutriance Ultra Hydrating Serum R1 040
Nutriance Ultra Moisturizing Cream R760
Group: Packs
Product Price
Breakfast Pack - Rich Chocolate R2 271
Breakfast Pack - Creamy Vanilla R2 271
Breakfast Pack - Berries n' Cream R2 271
Detox Programme R1 378
Nutriance Skincare Pack - Normal to Dry R2 895
Nutriance Skincare Pack - Combination to Oily R2 895
Nutriance Skincare Pack with Makeup Remover - Normal to Dry R3 200
Nutriance Skincare Pack with Makeup Remover - Combination to Oily R3 200
Weight Loss Pack - Creamy Vanilla R3 789
Weight Loss Pack - Berries n' Cream R3 789
Weight Loss Pack - Rich Chocolate R3 789
Group: Kits
Product Price
Golden Starter Kit R690
Health and Home Starter Kit - Berries n' Cream R2 130
Health and Home Starter Kit - Rich Chocolate R2 130
Health and Home Starter Kit - Creamy Vanilla R2 130
Nutriance Organic Starter Kit - Normal to Dry R2 700
Nutriance Organic Starter Kit - Combination to Oily R2 700
Pro Vitality Starter Kit R880
Tre-en-en Starter Kit R725
Group: Extras
Product Price
Hand Sprayer Bottle R37
Health Drink Shaker R15
Mixing Bottle R6
Neolife Blender Bottle R57