Breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer awareness and prevention

Join us on Mon 18th Oct at 7pm as we talk about Breast Cancer awareness and prevention with Liz Geerdts and Liesl Laurie. Guests are welcome to join this call  Zoom:  
childrens nutrition

Children's Nutrition with NeoLife

Children's Nutrition with NeoLife Childhood Nutrition is important because it can help create conditions for a lifetime of good health. The right balance of high-quality nutrition allows kids to function so they can play and learn all day.  The problem Unfortunately in Sub Saharan Afric...

Louisa Ntshole

Introducing: Louisa Ntshole (NeoLife Manager) Louisa Ntshole became a NeoLife distributor in 2020. She had used Neolife products some years previously and was aware of the quality of our products. But, had to stop buying them due to economic constraints. Early last year Louisa began to...

September Achievers

Price adjustment

NeoLife Price Increase

NeoLife Detox

Detox with NeoLife

NeoLife Detox Program Why do the NeoLife detox? This is a very simple detox that can help you in a multitude of ways, while not leaving you hungry and unsatisfied. It is designed to naturally assist the body’s detoxification processes and help the body re-establish a healthy probiotic c...
NeoLife Detox

October 2021 Detox Incentive

This Incentive Detox is starting on Tuesday  the 5th  till Thursday the 7th of October 2021. Click here - for more information on what the NeoLife Detox program is . See more  on our Facebook page where we take you step by step
Neolife University

NeoLife University

FEEL better. LOOK better. LIVE better.   As a NeoLife Distributor, you are able to learn from top-rated Scientists and academics. Register with your NeoLife ID number and you study for free. 4 new courses have just been added, so making it possible for each Distributor to learn more ab...

Golden Home Care Cleaning Range

Cleaning Range Home cleaning  Super 10 A highly concentrated, multi-purpose, cleaner that is strong yet safe enough to use around the home. Click Here to learn more about this product. LDC (Light Duty Cleaner) A gentle, super-concentrated multi-purpose cleaner that’s powerful enough for...
neolife business

NeoLife Business Opportunity

Looking for a way to increase your finances? Check out the NeoLife Business opportunities video below with Brandon Masondo NeoLife Head of Marketing Southern Africa and Nelly - NeoLife World Team Member