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Protein Powder

Protein Powder
Size:    (500 g)
Price:   R 409.00
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For optimal muscle building and repair - provides the complete amino acid profile of an egg without the fat or cholestrol.
  • Designed to give the body super-high protein efficiency without extra fat or cholesterol. Contains all 22 amino acids and can be mixed with milk or fruit juice, or added to a variety of foodstuffs.
  • Dosage: Add 2 rounded scoops to the mix of your choice. (Scoop provided).
Needs Fulfilled
  • To attain and maintain a peak level of fitness, our bodies must be able to efficiently build, renew and replace cells. The higher the quality of protein it receives, the greater the body's ability to utilize protein for these important building and renewal functions; since a protein is only as useful to the body as its least plentiful essential amino acid. The challenge when adding extra protein to the diet, is to do so without unnecessary fat or cholesterol.
The GNLD Difference
  • High quality protein containing 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition.
  • Do-it-yourself protein supplementation is made easy: neutral but pleasant flavour can be added to a variety of foods and beverages.
  • Very low fat.
  • No cholesterol.
  • Low allergy: wheat-free, corn-free, low lactose.
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