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Deliveres the scientifically proven protection of 6 optimal servings from 25 different fruits and vegetables.
  • PhytoDefence is the first product of its kind to offer scientifically-proven phytonutrient protection. A convenient way to supplement the diet with a broad-spectrum of naturally occurring carotenoids, flavonoids and the active constituents in cruciferous vegetables; PhytoDefence delivers the equivalent of 6 optimal servings of whole food phytonutrient vegetables - 3 carotenoids, 2 flavonoids and 1 cruciferous serving. These are all known to play important roles in human nutrition and the body's general well-being - available in one convenient sachet.
  • Dosage: 1 sachet daily.
Needs Fulfilled
  • Research suggests that diets with high levels of carotenoids, flavonoids and the active constituents from the recommended amount of cruciferous vegetables will help to combat oxidative damage to cells and offer significant benefits to our general well-being. It appears that these nutrients, termed phytonutrients, are most effective when several types are consumed together. Only a minority of people eat adequate amounts of the fruits and vegetables that would provide these carotenoids, flavonoids and cruciferous constituents. It is also apparent that some consumers are not aware of how many of each nutrient to consume on a daily basis.
The GNLD Difference
  • First product of its kind to offer scientifically proven phytonutrient protection.
  • Convenient individual sachets deliver optimal daily supply of recommended phytonutrients.
  • A balanced mix of the equivalent of 6 optimal servings of whole-food phytonutrient fruit and vegetables.
  • Each sachet contains: 3 brown, soft-gel capsules providing a broad spectrum of naturally occurring, oil soluble carotenoids; 2 purple tablets providing water soluble antioxidant diversity from a broad flavonoid spectrum of fruit and vegetable extracts and concentrates and 1 light green tablet providing the phytonutrient profile of an optimal serving of cruciferous vegetables containing a broad spectrum of bioactive ingredients.
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