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Balancing Toner 2 - Discontinued

Balancing Toner 2 - Discontinued
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Helps combination-to-oily skin find it's balance. Clinically proven to calm lipid (oil) production and help pores appear smaller.
  • A stimulating herbal tonic that helps combination-to-oily skin find it's balance. Alcohol free, Balancing Toner 2 is clinically proven to calm lipid (oil) production and help pores appear smaller. It is very efficient at removing impurities from the surface of the skin and also makes a stimulating and refreshing splash after shaving.
  • Directions for use:
  • Using damp cotton wool, apply generously to the face and neck after cleansing or splash on after shaving.
Needs Fulfilled
  • Toners complete the cleansing stage by removing any remaining residues and impurities, and are especially helpful near the hairline. Toning also soothes the skin, and leaves it feeling firm and refreshed. Plus, toners prepare the skin surface for the next important step - moisturizing. Certain botanicals help to rebalance the oil-to-moisture ratio and promote skin's elasticity. Other botanicals can help protect against oxidative assault. Toners can also help shrink the appearance of pores and blemishes, problematic for those with combination-to-oily skin. Alcohol-based toners can dry the skin and cause stinging and discomfort.
The GNLD Difference
  • Calms lipid production by up to 37%, and promotes a healthy lipid-to-moisture balance with a unique combination of botanical extracts: Witch Hazel, Tormentil, White Oak Bark and Sage.
  • Helps shrink the appearance of pores and blemishes with natural botanical action.
  • Alcohol-free formula prepares the skin surface for moisturizing and protection. No sting or discomfort!
  • Delivers Green Tea and Echinacea Extracts for antioxidant and immune support.
  • Third step of the Nutriance Synergy Cycle for combination-to-oily skin. Leaves skin refreshed and rebalanced.
  • Helps maintain a normal skin surface pH.
  • Clinically proven performance, verified by Europe's most prestigious dermatological research facility.
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